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Geografías y paisajes de Tintín - Eduardo Martínez de Pisón


The planet Tintin created by Hergé is a drawn and imaginary world, but with a real foundation that, although it belongs, physically, politically, socially and culturally, to the moment in which it was drawn -a vision of the world certainly Eurocentric, but inserted in the tradition of travel books-, at the same time that it is already history, it transcends, together with its characters, places, situations and adventures, all time and becomes an archetype worthy of study. Beyond the pleasure they give us as an artistic work, in the simple genius of the plots and their images, Tintin's travels and landscapes form an "imago mundi" that in each drawing treasures a geography, real or invented, in places that can be located on a more or less identifiable map.

Number of pages: 192

Dimensions: 210 x 130 mm


    Hergé, hijo de Tintín, Benoit Peeters


    Hergé, hijo de Tintín

    Benoit Peeters is the acclaimed author of 'Tintin and the World of Hergé' and the last person to interview the creator of Tintin. In 'Hergé, son of Tintin', he tells the story of the creator's origins, and does not reveal what is behind one of the most influential figurines of the 20th century. Diving into interviews, letters and testimonies, many of them unpublished until now, Peeters reveals the hidden secrets behind Hergé and Tintin.

    Size: 165 x 235 mm

    Binding: Paperback stitched

    Pages: 560


      Entre los bastidores de Las aventuras de Tintín, Benoît Peeters


      Entre los bastidores de Las aventuras de Tintín, Benoît Peeters

      Benoît Peeters recounts his casual start in the world of comics, the difficulties he had in coping with the pressures of his job, and his close friendship with Tchang Tchong-jen, a Chinese student whom he immortalized in the Tintin stories. In a conversational style, Peeters draws interesting connections between the albums and their author's biography and answers some of the questions that most interest Tintin fans. After reading it, you'll definitely want to run out and read The Adventures of Tintin again!




      Binding: Paperback


      Pages: 96


      Size: 130x200 mm.


        Retrato del reportero adolescente Un paseo por el siglo XX, Rafael Narbona


        Retrato del reportero adolescente Un paseo por el siglo XX, Rafael Narbona

        It is 2007 and Rafael Narbona hears that Tintin could be in an old people's home on the outskirts of Brussels. He has been assured that Herge's famous character is not an imaginary creature, but a real journalist who starred in some of the milestones of the twentieth century, such as the first moon landing. Narbonne goes to Brussels and meets a little old man who looks remarkably like Tintin, but denies being him. However, he offers to talk about the young reporter with the red hair, because he admits that he admires him and knows his adventures very well. The old man, who says his name is Niemand, worked as a journalist and interviewed great figurines such as Lawrence of Arabia, Churchill, Mishima or John Le Carre.


        Binding: Paperback


        Number of pages: 352


          El Siglo de Tintín, Biografía. Fernando Castillo



          This book establishes its story from the various adventures of the famous Belgian reporter Tintin that have been transmitted to us. Along with him, Captain Haddock, the faithful Nestor, Professor Calculus, Thomson and Thompson, Castafiore and all his universe of people and characters, times and spaces... and let's not forget Snowy. We thus come to the conclusion that Tintin is a hero who enjoys the invulnerability of the gods and the closeness of men, and that he is part of that group of chosen ones who make up the mythology that produces each historical period and allows us to understand it. That Tintin is a real witness of our recent history and of our most remembered imaginary.


          Edition: 2

          Nr. of pages: 328

          Cover: Paperback